Monday, December 29, 2008

Want peace in the world ? What are you gonna do about it ? :)

Street protests may help. But what is interesting about all those street prostests you see on TV is that there are ALOT of VERY DETERMINED people there.

So ?

Say hello to prayer.

Those two things, "very determined", and "many people people gathered in one place, in the name of the same ideea", are things that prayer likes alot.

So, street protests are good, but what about street protests + prayer ? Or even better, prayer... at the street protest :)

Think about the potential of focusing all that HUUUGE emotional energy onto something, something... supernatural.

And if you arent into street protests - try mass prayer. Mass as in many people at once, not necesarily located in the same place, but focusing, and praying for peace, all at the same time.

For those who dont belive that prayers work, or are into new age things like the law of attraction and stuff, check this out:

Here is a guy (Gregg Braden) who has re-discovered "The lost mode of prayer" that he claims was taught even by Jesus.

And here he explains it, and he actually talks about how to pray for peace:

Here are the reviews of his book, "The Isaiah Effect", reading the reviews you can understand this mode of prayer:

Also some guy who had a near-death-experience was told by "The powers that be", that the prayer of a group of twenty could save a country from war.

Soooo lets get our groups together and pray ! :)

If you are dedicated you could even pray for peace every day at a fixed hour, and anounce it somewhere, so that others can join you and acheve the group effect.

Join the power of mass prayer, every day, and any aday, at 3.00 PM your local time.

If all the people of the world would jump up and down all at once, they would shake the Earth.

Weather we are religious persons, or new agers who belive in the law of attraction, or whatever, we all can "jump up and down" together in prayer and move the Earth.

If you want to join this movement, you can doit at 3:00 PM local time. That means if you are in Australia, you pray for peace at 3:00 PM australian time, if you are in New York, you pray when it is 3:00 PM n NY, etc.